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This might sound utterly absurd and downright questionable as to how one can learn through movies. Movies have replaced books, as the devices, we hold on our hands promote us to invest more time in them than with a physical book. Films can significantly enhance our learning ability with both the visual appeal and the connectivity it causes. Below are some movies that hold great prestige for recreating historical events and help to learn difficult concepts more accessible. The Theory of Everything It features the history of the life of ‘Stephen Hawking’, the world-renowned physicist. The plot talks about his early life, i.e. before he developed sickness and after his physical inabilities had entirely restricted him. The movie is aspiring and motivating and more so because it is a wholly accurate story. The theories he developed in his physically limited condition now hold great importance. This movie has preserved his life significantly, more now as he has passed away. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas The boy in the striped pyjamas based on Hitler’s fascist regime against the Jewish people. It almost horrifically captures the effects of the tyrant regime on the society mainly from the perspectives of children. It features communication between a superior German child and a ‘filthy Jewish prisoner child’. The movie dramatically portrays the innocent sensitivity of the German child contradicting the brutal characteristics of his father. The Zookeeper’s Wife Also based on the Nazi regime, the zookeeper’s wife portrays an array of somewhat limited yet sufficiently horrific events. The movie is based on real, and the protagonist family had been rewarded with the honour of ‘The righteous among the nation’ by the state of Israel for their efforts to give protection to Jews. Fascism is a theory easier read than experienced; another fascist regime based movie includes Alone in Belin. Suffragette A particular confusion to this day poses for significant misconceptions about the theory of feminism. Suffragette features a series of events in the early 20th century of Britain with women struggling for fundamental rights to vote. The struggles portray majorly what is the right constituents for gaining rights and also that women had been discriminated in all aspects of life as well as around the world. The Help The Help is a reminder of the bitter truth of humans demeaning each other particularly a whole generation of people. This movie is an excellent representation in the visual form of how similar we all are to each other and how we present ourselves to be. An impactful and discriminating effect can be based on judgmental perspectives based on colour, skin, and race such that society can inflict cruelty on another community within the same living space. For someone who’s bored of books can resort to watching movies for several doses of historical, political, philosophical, psychological and literary knowledge that will both help you break down elaborate theories with ease and develop visual memory.
For students, education has been purely limited to just course books to be well versed in until you are handed with more. To survive in the world today and to stand out, a specific dose of spontaneity is pertinent to the matter. As we spend our lives working and studying tirelessly into constructing a document of a resume that our resume of the soul remains blank. For this very reason, I have a list of books that would help cultivate emotional learning and motivation that will give you the right dose of creative essence that you need in your life. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini This is the book that will make you forget about your worries and focus on someone else’s for change. A great story of sacrifice and injustice that will give you an expert insight into the world we live in and how our lives are poles apart as they are geographical. The kite runner will make you cry for the right reasons and inculcate renewed feelings in your emotional spectrum. The right books always teach you to be kind, and you learn to be human again for a change, this one shows you more - to feel human as well as feel for other human beings. The Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie For someone who is repellant to emotional learning and strives instead for a thrill and has an inquisitive nature, then this one’s for you. The author rights crime novels and this one features her famous detective Hercule Poirot who happens to crack the most mind-boggling case with utter complexity. It’s safe to say his character is the more thrilling than the murder itself. This book with high precision has also been converted to a movie, but it can never suffice for the thrill reading causes. The Bastard from Istanbul by Elif Shafak As self-explanatory the title is, it features precisely a story based on Turkish lifestyle in the city of Istanbul. For someone who loves to read (apparently), is inquisitive about different cultures should indulge for a while in the pages of this book. Elif Shafak is renowned author most famous for her book ‘The forty rules of love’. The Geography of the World by Dorling Kindersley This might come off as a surprise to be on the list, but it is here for all the right reasons. First things first, it is not just a book containing maps, in fact, it features detailed profiles of all countries of the world. Every respective country page talks about the language, culture, traditions, political systems and other factual details such as population etc. The maps are sufficiently simple to understand and fun to read and for the things you do not understand a detailed glossary and reference page is available for more precise understanding. Students in the field of International Relations, Political Science and obviously Geography are in for a treat with this book. Replenish your knowledge about the whole world, sitting in the corner of your room. Course books block out spontaneity and creativity with an agenda to fulfil grade criterion. Real knowledge and a broader spectrum arise from visiting the library and to the aisle you least visit, exploration is critical.
Every individual in their life must have heard this advice of finding a passion and following it rigorously to achieve their dreams. Whether you are a student or an employee in a firm, you need to find love in what you do. Without passion, there will be no dedication. Ultimately, you will get tired of the things you are doing, and life will become monotonous. Having a passion gets specifically more critical when it comes to selecting a career. It is given that everybody wants a fulfilling job and a flourishing career. However, if you have found your career passion, you will never have those days when you just don’t feel like getting up from the bed and leaving for work. Your passion will be the driving force behind your success, and it will keep you motivated to do better. It doesn’t matter when you are at the beginning of your career or have already spent some time in corporate world figuring out the ideal job for you. You can always take efforts to find a career passion and make a right move. Here is how you can find a career passion: Be Yourself and Listen to what your Heart Says It is a different thing to be in awe of someone else’s career moves but blindly following their footsteps is never a great idea. You need to create your own identity and to do this, it is advised to “be yourself” and have faith in you. While deciding a field you want to pursue your career in, listen to what your heart says. Do not follow a career path just because it has the “scope” even though it doesn’t urge you to do it as your passion lies in something else. Explore and Discover New Ideas If you are confused on what interests you or what will make a better career option for you, use the internet for assistance. The world of internet is filled with plenty of information and guidance on selecting the right career path for you. You may find an option that matches your personality and urge you to get going. You can also take help of career counsellors in this matter. Don’t be Afraid of Rejection During the initial phase of your career, you may have to face rejections that sometimes lead to dejections. However, the key here lies in confidence. You need to feel confident in the skills you have and be passionate about them. The passion will ignite a fire in you, which will ultimately carve a way of success for you. You just need to be confident, determined, committed and success will come your way. Always remember that passion is a part of your personality. You certainly don’t want to be among those people who are tolerating their job just to earn bread and butter for their family because they never found a career passion. The best idea is to channelise your inner passion and make it a driving force of your career growth.
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