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Job Satisfaction or High Salary, What will you Choose?

Without a doubt, almost all job seekers yearn to have a high salary package. However, when it comes with the price tag of losing your job satisfaction, is it really worth it? This is the question that bothers many job-doers.

Not everyone is lucky enough to find a job that offers them both – an attractive salary package and job satisfaction. Therefore, many job-doers have to make this difficult choice of selecting either of them. In this post, we have shed some light on both these factors. Going through this post, it may become easier for you to make a decision that is right for you.

First of all, determine what you really want. Is job satisfaction essential to you? Will you be able to work in a toxic environment if you are getting paid more? Will you quit a job that you were passionate about for another job that is offering more perks and benefits? If the answers to the questions above with help you understand what is more important to you.

Speaking of opportunities; they are rare to find in the job world. As we all are aware of this fact, it is a harsh world out there for entry-level job seekers. Thus, many people tend to settle for any job whether they get job satisfaction or not. They want a platform to stand on their feet and explore other opportunities, which may come their way after they have found ground. Therefore, job satisfaction, in such cases, goes out of the picture.

Another vital factor that affects the choice between job satisfaction and a high salary package is the family dynamics of an individual. If they have a big family to look after, then obviously, a high salary package will be more attractive to them and on top of their preference list. Job satisfaction wouldn’t matter much to them as they will be getting their needs fulfilled.

It is essential to move out of your comfort zone and explore new opportunities that will enable you to grow as a person. However, before making a choice, think of this question that for how long you will be able to work in a place or do a job where you are not getting the job satisfaction or aren’t comfortable working. It gets difficult for people to find the motivation to get up every morning and to go work if the work their job isn't what they are passionate about.

It can get really daunting to make through a day when you do not have the motivation to work. Stress starts to build up, and your work environment can become toxic. But as they say, everything in life comes with a price, and this is the price that one has to pay for preferring a higher package over satisfaction that one gets with the job.

In the end, I would like to conclude it with a clichéd and run of the mill statement that ultimate choice is yours. However, it should be based on numerous factors. Consider the reason why you accepted your current job in the first place. Grabbing an opportunity where you are getting a high package but zero job satisfaction should be your only preference if you are facing financial troubles and there is no other solution available.