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Seven Reasons Why you Don’t Need University to Get a Job

Have you ever wondered why you spend so many years at a university? Is it because you want to get a degree so that you can get a highly paid job easily? Sorry to burst your bubble but you can get a well-paid job without going to university too! Here are seven reasons why you don't need university for a good job.

Online learning

The trend of everything online has changed the world. With the world in the palm of your hand in the form of a smartphone, you can access all kinds of knowledge with just a click. No classes, no hundreds of dollars going in fee, no hassle whatsoever. There are online schools too. You can pay the minimal fee without getting the burden of student loans and get a valuable degree.

Money speaks

A lot of businesses require an investment, not a degree. You’ll find most business majors working for some firm that was established by a person who didn’t even go to university. If you have money and resources, you can start up a lot of successful businesses. For example, real estate is a work that doesn’t need a degree. You will only need piles of money.

Solve people's problems

Consultancy is a job that requires no university knowledge. It is something you’ll learn with experience and general knowledge. All you need is the confidence to solve the problems of clients. You will never need a university degree for being a successful consultant.

Debt versus future benefit

University degree does have its advantages of course. It’s not like a degree is completely useless. However, when you compare the relative pay after a university degree with the number of student loans you’re burdened with, it is not worth it. You can end up earning pretty much the same without a degree, and there will be no loans either!

Degrees could end up being useless

Completing a degree can take four years on average. If you opt for a master, that’s two more years. How are you so sure that the major you chose will be valuable after six years? By the time you get your degree, it could have become utterly useless in the job market.

High paying jobs without university

If you aim to earn well, you can get up to 6 digit paying jobs even if you don’t have a degree. For example, real estate brokers and air traffic controllers are being paid highly without any degree requirement.

University doesn’t teach professionalism

When building a career, the most vital skill is professionalism. Passion, dedication, work ethics, etc. are things every person needs if they’re doing a job. No matter which field you’re into, these skills are required.

Surprisingly, you’ll not learn these in university. If you do have to learn them on your own, what’s the point of a degree anyway?

If you couldn’t land into a good university or aren’t interested, that’s alright because you’re still good to go!