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The Art of Learning Through Movies

This might sound utterly absurd and downright questionable as to how one can learn through movies. Movies have replaced books, as the devices, we hold on our hands promote us to invest more time in them than with a physical book. Films can significantly enhance our learning ability with both the visual appeal and the connectivity it causes. Below are some movies that hold great prestige for recreating historical events and help to learn difficult concepts more accessible.

The Theory of Everything

It features the history of the life of ‘Stephen Hawking’, the world-renowned physicist. The plot talks about his early life, i.e. before he developed sickness and after his physical inabilities had entirely restricted him. The movie is aspiring and motivating and more so because it is a wholly accurate story. The theories he developed in his physically limited condition now hold great importance. This movie has preserved his life significantly, more now as he has passed away.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

The boy in the striped pyjamas based on Hitler’s fascist regime against the Jewish people. It almost horrifically captures the effects of the tyrant regime on the society mainly from the perspectives of children. It features communication between a superior German child and a ‘filthy Jewish prisoner child’. The movie dramatically portrays the innocent sensitivity of the German child contradicting the brutal characteristics of his father.

The Zookeeper’s Wife

Also based on the Nazi regime, the zookeeper’s wife portrays an array of somewhat limited yet sufficiently horrific events. The movie is based on real, and the protagonist family had been rewarded with the honour of ‘The righteous among the nation’ by the state of Israel for their efforts to give protection to Jews. Fascism is a theory easier read than experienced; another fascist regime based movie includes Alone in Belin.


A particular confusion to this day poses for significant misconceptions about the theory of feminism. Suffragette features a series of events in the early 20th century of Britain with women struggling for fundamental rights to vote. The struggles portray majorly what is the right constituents for gaining rights and also that women had been discriminated in all aspects of life as well as around the world.

The Help

The Help is a reminder of the bitter truth of humans demeaning each other particularly a whole generation of people. This movie is an excellent representation in the visual form of how similar we all are to each other and how we present ourselves to be. An impactful and discriminating effect can be based on judgmental perspectives based on colour, skin, and race such that society can inflict cruelty on another community within the same living space.

For someone who’s bored of books can resort to watching movies for several doses of historical, political, philosophical, psychological and literary knowledge that will both help you break down elaborate theories with ease and develop visual memory.