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Why you Should Consider an Apprenticeship

Getting a suitable qualification is everyone’s wish, but with increasing tuition fee, a lot of students are opting out of universities and looking for alternate methods to become qualified enough for a high paying job. Apprenticeships are one such method. Why do we recommend apprenticeships for people who want to build a strong career foundation? Keep reading to find out.

Focused training

One advantage of apprenticeships that make them unmatched to any other technique is the fact that your training in apprenticeships is incredibly focused. In university, you get to study a lot of things that aren’t very well-related to your future career. However, in apprenticeships, the ultimate goal is the preparation of the participants for a specific career goal.

First-hand experience

Instead of learning from books and professors as it is done in university, apprenticeships offer a first-hand experience. You get in the field to determine skills by practically performing them. This sort of real-life experience opportunity leads to a valid learning ground. Not only will you get experience while learning the skills, but you will also gain a lot of confidence! Therefore, when you end up getting a full-time job, you wouldn’t have a hard time settling. During this experience, you will also get to make contacts in the field which will be extremely helpful later on in your career.

You can earn a living

In a university, you have to pay to get knowledge. This leads to student loans and many other financial problems. However, in an apprenticeship, you’re getting paid for what you do! For most apprenticeships, the government handles the training costs. Other than that, whatever little work you do in gaining the experience and qualification, you will get a salary for that.

Diverse options

Sometimes, the majors a university offers do not include the subjects of your interest. You end up studying something you don’t even plan on pursuing in the future. However, when it comes to apprenticeships, you can find something in every field. Also if you fail to see the specific responsibility, you’ll find something close enough to help strengthen your CV. There are over 400 types of apprenticeships you can become a part of. Ranging from typical careers like business to something very unusual like a job in the construction sector, you can find an apprenticeship you love.

Best of both worlds

It is true that the academic knowledge is essential along with the practical work. If you believe that learning a subject also plays a role in deciding your skill level, apprenticeships have got you covered. You’ll get to gain knowledge about the field from the books while working in multi-national companies so that the knowledge can be implemented. Such an experience makes your learning very active and your qualification highly valuable.

In comparison with university qualification, apprenticeships do offer a lot of benefits. From confidence building to experience, earning from a novice level to mentoring from experts, apprenticeships are a great option if you don’t want to opt for a university degree.